Executive Committee

  • Chris Larsen (Granite) – President
  • Pam Turley (Nebo) – Past President
  • Clint Stephens (SEDC) – President Elect

Elected Board Members


  • David Horan (Alpine)
  • Maxine Dee (Canyons)
  • Samantha Mitchell (Granite)
  • Matthew Winters (Weber)


  • Brandon Harrison (CUES)
  • Dany Macias (Alpine)
  • Megan Jenkins (Provo)
  • Havilah Jones (Alpine)

Coalition Board Members

  • Rick Gaisford – Utah State Board of Education

Appointed Board Members

  • Tricia Jackson (Park City)  – Treasurer
  • Joanna Monson (Davis) – Secretary
  • Cody Plumhof (Washington) – Webmaster / IT Specialist
  • Jared Covili (UEN) – ISTE Representative / Past Presidents Liaison / Historian
  • Charice Carroll (UEN) – Advocacy Representative
  • Charles Hanosek (Nebo) – Vendor Liaison
  • Jodi Sailor – Vendor Representative
  • Regina Prickett (University of Utah) – Higher Ed Representative
  • Ben Smith (Rowland Hall) – Private Schools Representative

Board Information

The UCET Board is an elected volunteer position. It involves a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.

It is important to know that running for the board involves a time commitment. Board members must attend a yearly 2 1/2 day conference planning retreat. The Board also holds a 2-hour monthly board meeting. Board members are expected to attend in person or via Skype.

Each Board member organizes a certain aspect of the conference, (i.e. volunteers, registration, conference program, tech strands, web page, newsletter, Web 2.0, communication, conference give-aways, presenters, signs, vendors, videotaping, and much more). Board members must complete their part so that the conference runs smoothly. Sometimes that involves many extra hours, especially in the weeks and days prior to the UCET Conference.

The UCET Board is made up of members with rich experiences from all areas of educational technology. Board members have lots of laughs and rewarding experiences together and often form lifelong friendships. We would love to have you run for the UCET board and join a dedicated group of teachers, network specialists, and educational technology professionals who put on the yearly UCET conference.

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