Partner / Vendor Registration Information

UCET+UELMA 2024 is headed to the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City! We have outgrown our previous location.

At UCET, we call our vendors, “partners,” as this is a better way to describe our relationship. Additionally, we are teaming with UELMA this year to host UCET+UELMA 2024 with the theme of “Futures”. Please click on the tabs below for more information.


$1500 – Super Early Bird Ends Dec. 31

$1800 – Early Bird Ends Jan. 31

$2000 – Regular Begins Feb. 1

  • Website Logo Size: Small
  • Opening Slides: n/a
  • Volunteer Shirt: n/a
  • Presentations: 1 total
    • 1 expo hall room (25 minutes)
  • State Level Meeting: n/a
  • Attendee List: Badge Scanning Only
  • Booth Size: 10′ x 10′
  • Lunch Provided: up to 2 per day
  • Goosechase Scavenger Hunt: 1 mission
  • Prize Giveaways: Optional


$3000 – Super Early Bird Ends Dec. 31

$3600 – Early Bird Ends Jan. 31

$4000 – Regular Begins Feb. 1

  • Website Logo Size: Medium
  • Opening Slides: Logo Only
  • Volunteer Shirt: n/a
  • Presentations: 3 total
    • 1 session room (25 minutes)
    • 1 spotlight in your booth (25 minutes)
    • 1 pre-recorded (up to 50 minutes)
  • State Level Meeting: n/a
  • Attendee List: Full Post Conference List
  • Booth Size: 20′ x 10′
  • Lunch Provided: up to 4 per day
  • Goosechase Scavenger Hunt: 2 mission
  • Prize Giveaways: Optional


$6000 – Super Early Bird Ends Dec. 31

$7200 – Early Bird Ends Jan. 31

$8000 – Regular Begins Feb. 1

  • Website Logo Size: Large
  • Opening Slides: Logo & Booth #
  • Volunteer Shirt: Included On Back
  • Presentations: 5 total
    • 2 session rooms (50 minutes each)
    • 2 spotlights in your booth (25 minutes each)
    • 1 pre-recorded (up to 50 minutes)
  • State Level Meeting: Up to 5 minutes guaranteed
  • Attendee List: Full Pre & Post Conference List
  • Booth Size: 20′ x 20′
  • Lunch Provided: up to 8 per day
  • Goosechase Scavenger Hunt: 3 mission
  • Prize Giveaways: Optional

Non Profit

Non-profit organizations, please contact partners@ucet.org for pricing.

If you have questions about this page please contact: Charles Hanosek (UCET) or David Brown (UELMA).

Leave a message or text (435) 220-3587. Messages will be answered within 4 days.

  • General

    Upcoming deadlines for complete UCET+UELMA 2024 conference participation.

    • Registration: March 1
      • Dec 31 Super Early Bird,
      • January 31 Early Bird
    • Goosechase Missions: January 31 at https://wkf.ms/3sYZUQo
    • Partner Logo: February 14  at https://wkf.ms/46bkhYS
      • After February 14th registrations, please submit your logo as soon as possible. We will do our best to get your logo added to our website.
    • Partner Packet: February 14
      • We are working with the Salt Palace and the date above may be adjusted by them.
    • Hotel Rooms:
      • Marriott (right across the street from the Salt Palace)
      • Hilton (coming soon)
    • Lunch/Badge Requests: Coming Soon!
    • Setup Times: March 18 from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., by assigned times
    • Expo Hall Hours: 
      • March 19 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
      • March 20 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    • Breakdown is on March 20, 3:00pm-5:00pm



    Please submit each session separately. Presentations will be reviewed for partner payment and level before being assigned a day, time, and location. Review the information at https://ucet.org/presenter-registration/ for details on room setup and presentation tips.

    Please refer to our partner packages for the number of allotted presentations and format of presentations per level of partnership.

  • Registration

    • Start Registration:
      • Read all these instructions.
      • Fill in the information to receive a customized quote in the embedded form below.
    • Review and Verify:
      • Click the green “Review document” button.
      • If asked, confirm that you’re a human.
    • Choose Partnership Level:
      • Select your desired partnership level: Platinum, Gold, or Silver. If you’re a non-profit, contact partners@ucet.org for pricing.
    • Check Discounts:
      • As you scroll down, you’ll see any super early bird or early bird discounts applied.
    • Optional Items:
      • Choose any optional items you want to add. Support for Edcamps and UCET After Dark sponsorship is appreciated.
        • Additional Lunches: $30 each
        • UCET After Dark: $250
        • Attendee List: $1,000
        • Edcamps Sponsor: $500
    • Presentation or Booth:
      • Under the “Presentations” section, select whether you want allotted presentations or just a booth space.
    • Read and Sign:
      • Review the provided information.
      • Sign and date at the bottom.
    • Complete Registration:
      • Click the golden “Finished” button at the top right of your screen.
    • Receive Confirmation:
      • An email with a PDF copy of the agreement will be sent to your inbox. You can also download the PDF on the completion page by clicking the link that says, “Check it off your list by downloading a signed PDF now.”
    • Invoice:
      • In a few days, you’ll receive an invoice at the email address you provided.
    • That’s all!

  • Booths


    • March 18th: Partner/vendor setup – 12:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    • March 19-20th: Conference – 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    Expo Hall Hours

    • March 19th: 10 am – 4 pm
    • March 20th: 10 am – 1 pm, with breakdown from 1 pm – 4 pm

    Food & Beverage

    Please review the policy document and application form regarding handing out food and/or beverages at the Salt Palace.

    Salt Palace Food and Beverage Policy PDF

    Booth Inclusions

    • Each booth starts at 10×10 feet in size with an 8-foot-high back drape, 3-foot-high side drape, and a skirted exhibit table.
    • Booths includes two chairs, a wastebasket, and a booth identification sign.
    • Larger booth spaces have a similar setup.

    Shipping Information

    We are working with JP Displays to link our shipping packet information. 


    Lunches are provided for our partners in the following quantities. Additional lunches may be purchased from UCET ($30 each) or onsite via Salt Palace Concessions (varies).

    • Silver/Non-Profit: Up to 2 per day
    • Gold: Up to 4 per day
    • Platinum: Up to 8 per day

    Additional Booth Information

    • Booth assignments are based on partnership levels, with priority given to Platinum, then Gold, and then Silver partners.
    • The assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis by UCET’s Partner Liaison.
    • Booth spaces may change in size or location based on partner registrations.
    • Make sure the display area is large enough to accommodate your company’s setup.
    • Displays must be set up and taken down during scheduled times as assigned by either JP Displays or UCET’s Partner Liaison.

  • Expo Map

    The expo hall map indicates general booth locations by color:

    • Grey for Silver
    • Yellow for Gold
    • Blue for Platinum

    Booth numbers will be assigned by JP Displays at a later date. Partner names will be added by UCET’s Partner Liaison to the map as payments are received.

  • Hotels

    We have a limited number of rooms at the following hotels:

    Please use https://www.visitsaltlake.com/salt-palace-convention-center/attend/hotels-nearby/ to see other locations.

  • Statistics

    • In 2022, UCET had over 2,000 attendees, including teachers, administrators, tech directors, and vendors.
    • UCET is Utah’s largest educational technology conference, bringing together educators and decision-makers.
    • Platinum-level vendors get a brief presentation at the Technology Coordinators Consortium meeting on the first day of the conference. This group includes tech directors, ed tech directors, superintendents, and district decision-makers.
    • Utah’s investment in educational technology has doubled for the 2019 school year and beyond.
    • Every Utah school district has the opportunity to take part in the state-funded DTL (Digital Teaching and Learning) Grant worth over $10 million.
    • If you need more specific information, like attendee breakdowns, please email partners@ucet.org.

If you have questions about this page please contact: Charles Hanosek

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