Conference Activities

UCET GooseChase

Earn points and prizes at UCET by completing missions in GooseChase, an interactive conference scavenger hunt! Missions include photo and video challenges, puzzles, riddles, check-ins, flash challenges, and races against the clock.

Join the game! Download the GooseChase iPhone or Android app, create a login, and join the UCET game. Once you’re in, complete missions, track opponents, and achieve glory!

UCET Social Media Challenges

Follow UCET on Twitter (@UCET), Instagram (@UCETorg), and Facebook (@UCETOrg) to stay up to date with all our prize drawings. Every post has a chance to be a winner! Be sure to check your social media mentions and direct messages to know if you’ve been chosen for amazing prizes!

UCET Prize Session

Every UCET attendee has an opportunity to win prizes! Join us in the ballroom before heading home from the conference to join our final prize giveaway. Vendor prizes will be awarded, and a prize drawing will be held for any participant who adds their conference badge to our prize box. Must be present to win!

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