2022 UCET Keynote Speakers


photo of Mike Roberts, aka The Bald English Teacher, will give the opening keynote for UCET 2022

March 15: Mike Roberts

The Soundtrack of Teaching

Teaching is hard, and at times, it seems like no one understands the struggles of a teacher. In this keynote, Mike connects some of the challenges of teaching to some of your favorite songs from the past fifty years. In doing so, he shares stories, strategies, and insight from his twenty-two year teaching career. Get those singing voices ready…this is a fun one!

Mike Roberts has been a middle school Educator for more than twenty years. In that time, he has taught English, has been an instructional coach, and is currently working on obtaining his administrative license. Over the course of his career, he has received numerous awards for his outstanding teaching, including being named the 2014 Utah English Teacher of the Year and the 2018 Utah Middle Level Teacher of the Year. Mike also teaches college classes focused on classroom management and literacy in the content areas.

Mike’s most recent book, Hacking Modern Teaching – 10 Ways to Build Student Engagement, Maximize Success, and Inspire Authentic Learning, offers a variety of strategies to help teachers and students thrive within today’s modern classroom. He is also the author of Chasing Greatness: 26.2 Ways Teaching is Like Running a Marathon, and Hacking Classroom Management – 10 Ideas to Help You Become the Type of Teacher They Make Movies About.

When he’s not teaching or presenting, Mike usually can be found running ultra-marathons in the mountains. And even after all these years, he’s still not sure which takes more energy…a week with middle schoolers or a 100 mile race.

You can follow Mike on Twitter @BaldRoberts

photo of Cory Henwood, Innovation Director at Iron School District, will give the Day 2 keynote for UCET 2022

March 16: Cory Henwood

Refresh by Reconnecting

The most meaningful moments in our careers as educators often point back to connections. From the connections you’ve made with students or colleagues, to the dots you help connect that lead to light bulb moments. So much of what we are asked to do in education seems to distract us from these connections and why we signed on in the first place. We need these moments now more than ever. Let’s hit the restart button and make sure we give preference to those meaningful connections. Reconnecting might require you to power-down some distractions and reboot your priorities in order to feel refreshed.

Cory Henwood is the Innovation Director at Iron County School District in Utah. He is also the founder of Launch High School, a personalized-competency based school focused on design thinking and building essential skills in students. Cory has been a rigorous Math Teacher, Department Chair, Principal, Math and Tech Coach, Varsity Athletics Coach, and Curriculum Designer in public school districts in Canada and the USA. He loves to connect with other educators and administrators looking to innovate and transform education systems.

You can follow Cory on Twitter @CoryHenwood

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